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We came across this fantastic item while exhibiting at a trade show in Germany. From Finland, the Cabot Flaskette holds 3 fl oz of your favorite “liquid” in elegant style.  I was struck by the quality and attention to detail in this unique little chamber, so I brought a couple back to the USA for my own testing.  These are wildly popular in Europe, but only now are they available to the US.  The Cabot Flaskette features:

  • A timeless design of clean lines and a solid construction.  Crafted with the weight of steel and durability.
  • Food grade steels and techniques for long and safe life.  No fouling of flavors.
  • The infinitely thin lip is perfect for sipping.   A joyful sip!!
  • Leather Carry case and proud Cabot Guns logos.  Ideal to carry with you.

When I first tested the Flaskette, I was amazed at its construction; finest materials and techniques results is an impressively clean design.   My drinking habits are of quality, not quantity, so the Cabot Flaskette is ideal to carry a perfect amount of my favorite Scotch for when the time is right.  I tested relentlessly, even leaving fine spirits in the Flaskette for several months without any fouling of flavors, no leaks, and the sipping edge is beyond perfect.

I also found other fantastic uses for the Flaskette.  I used it as a cigar vault to take that one stick on the road, although some cigars do need to be shortened to fit properly.   Want an espresso to throw in your briefcase? Yep, I did that too.

Finally, while it might not be its intended use, the heavy steel construction makes for quite a defensive weapon should you find yourself in a situation where you do not have your Cabot Pistol at your defense.

Of course, alcohol and firearms do not mix.  Only sip from your Flaskette after your shooting is done!!!

A product of Finland.

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