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Clemente 2.0


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An Edge That Will Virtually Last Forever

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Clemente 2.0 – The Ultimate Folder

Clemente is the world’s first tungsten carbide bladed folding knife.  A beautiful collision of science and passion, it is as much a fully functional instrument as it is a masterpiece of applied art. Sandrin Knives proudly proclaims Clemente as one of the most technically advanced folding knife ever crafted.
The experts said that tungsten carbide blades were impossible – that their engineered metal structure was too hard to be used as a knife blade; that a material of such hardness would shatter under the stresses of use. The experts are correct for traditional tungsten carbide, but Sandrin Knives re-defined possible and engineered an all-new,  patented, proprietary grade of tungsten carbide specifically designed to exploit the benefits of being harder than steel, yet tougher and more resilient than typical brittle tungsten carbide.  Why Tungsten Carbide? Well true to its carbide roots, Clemente will cut for a prolonged time, maintaining its edge and resisting wear better than any knife made of steel.
Clemente is a life’s work. Each of its components and their relationship to each other tells a chapter in the story of Clemente through the lens of one of its many collaborating creators. The radius dimensions of the screws holding the titanium handle-halves is a precise application of Fibonacci-based ratio, a pattern which repeats at length in many facets of Clemente’s design and construction. Even the mirror polished carbide inlays of Clemente’s handles have a sequence of holes which in their diameters and center to center distances from each other report the Fibonacci sequence. The reflection delivered by the high polish of the tungsten carbide parts casts perfect images which may only be described as fluid, a sheen of rainbow subtly detectable as light bounces back from Clemente’s surface.

The mechanical interaction of parts to open and close Clemente is patent-pending, and delivers a human interface unlike anything envisioned before. The blade is anchored to the handle with a Fibonacci screw; an in-house design which carries the perfection of Fibonacci into the most basic of Clemente’s parts. In the hand, the heft of Clemente’s ultra grade tungsten carbide, nearly as dense as gold and twice that of traditional steel, results in a completely unexpected confidence of action. The small blade becoming an immeasurable extension to the holder’s reach. The blade’s rotation in the frame and functional stresses are supported in a world-first application of innovation by two rotary caged balls and one ball bearing. The locking mechanism itself incorporates a tungsten carbide insert which positively affirms the blade is locked open.The sound delivered by the crisp mechanical and authoritative report of the blade on opening and again as it is locked closed has been engineered through controlling the machining and fit tolerances of each of Clemente’s 26 parts to the micron level measured in millionths of a meter. A single human hair is typically 75 microns wide. The precision of the part-to-part fit in Clemente is exactly 1.02 microns, exceeding even those standards expected of the high-technology and aerospace industries.

Clemente is the fifth in Sandrin Knives’ line of products, the previous four fixed-blade knives carry the names Venom, Venor, Explorer and Initium. Clemente is a tungsten carbide and titanium folding knife with an overall length of 7.44 inches when open, 4.4 inches when closed, a blade length of 2.95 inches and a weight of .42 pounds. It’s mirror-polished drop-point blade has a 35 degree hollow-ground cutting edge of just .00004” – sharp

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